Why does everyone need a website? Prepare for the future.

Global need for online presence

Not long ago, owning a website was a huge luxury. Only a few corporations, organizations and universities were fortunate enough to have a website in the infancy of the internet era. Today, only after about 20 years, there are over one billion websites on the World Wide Web. In this internet age it’s not only the universities and media companies that benefit from online presence; the public is also beginning to realize the advantages that having a website can offer. Soon, EVERYONE will need a website. Here are a couple of reasons why:

It is your new FACE

We all care about how we look. From the way we dress to the design of our business cards to even how memorable our phone numbers are, we try to be at our best when it comes to public presence. As we are being dragged into the online world, and as more people spend more time online, it seems to be fair to say that you need to care about your online look too. Social media presence can satisfy that need to a great extent but you don’t own anything there. You practically have a page on some body else’s website. Keep your profiles and pages there but you need a website of your own where you have more authority and control. After all, having a personal website is not only reserved for celebrities and business people anymore.

It gives you authority

Think about it. Someone is looking for you online and all they have is your name. They google you and find almost everything you have posted online. They find your different social media profiles and maybe some blog posts. Well, this is what happens if you search for almost anyone online. Now imagine that the first search results are your personal website and its pages instead of some random social profiles. Imagine the impression you can leave on your followers minds when they see your personal website. That would be your online brand. You wouldn’t look like the majority of people anymore.


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